5 Reasons Why a Senior Should Adopt an Adult Cat

Senior Care in Medford NJ: Cats are often considered to be the ideal pets for senior citizens. After all, studies show that petting and playing with a dog or cat can significantly lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

What Types of Treatments Are Available for a Senior After a Heart Attack?

Senior Care in Medford NJ: Watching your elderly parent suffer a heart attack can be one of the most frightening experiences in your care journey with them. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death among both men and women throughout the United States.

Senior Care Activities: DIY Easter Egg Candles

Senior Care in Medford NJ Doing crafts is a wonderful way to stimulate your parent’s mind, provide an opportunity to share memories and have conversations, and give her a sense of accomplishment and pride. This is especially meaningful if she is suffering from limitations and challenges that make it difficult or impossible for her to […]

Dad’s Struggling to Sleep at Night and You Can’t Figure Out Why

Senior Care in Medford, NJ – Consider Your Senior’s Late Afternoon Coffee as the Possible Culprit Last year you got the call from another family member that your father had been admitted to the hospital. It was late at night and by the time you reached the hospital you found out he was going to […]