5 Reasons Why a Senior Should Adopt an Adult Cat

Senior Care in Medford NJ: 5 Reasons Why a Senior Should Adopt an Adult Cat

Senior Care in Medford NJ: 5 Reasons Why a Senior Should Adopt an Adult Cat

Cats are often considered to be the ideal pets for senior citizens. After all, studies show that petting and playing with a dog or cat can significantly lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It is also relaxing and makes the owner feel good. Of course, in addition to all the benefits of owning a cat is a lot of work. However, adult cats are a lot less work than kittens, which make older cats more attractive as pets for senior owners.

Here are 5 wonderful reasons why seniors should adopt an adult cat as a pet:

1. Adult cats are easier to care for than kittens. Like humans, the younger versions of the species are active and undisciplined most of the time. Kittens can get into a lot of things and cause damage, have accidents and expend a lot of energy. Adult cats are more likely to relax and sleep for several hours in the day, are already litterbox trained, and are much less mischievous and curious. If the elderly loved one can’t do tasks like feeding them or cleaning out the litterbox, the tasks should be coordinated with family members or senior care assistants.

2. Adult cats enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle. Seniors usually want a companion animal that they can pet, brush and cuddle with. Adult cats are generally content to be handled and will sleep on or near their owners through much of the day. Unlike dogs that need walked frequently or kittens that have high energy needs, adult cats fit the needs of an elderly person quite well. Often, all they want is a warm and comfortable napping place and some treats from their favorite person.

3. Adult cats aren’t as destructive. Kittens will chew and scratch on everything as they explore their home and develop teeth and claws. From books and strings, to plants, shoes, chairs and couches, there are plenty of things for kittens to bite and scratch. Adult cats rarely chew on items and most are content to scratch on scratching posts or a single favorite spot. An adult cat’s personality is already well-established, so it’s easy to tell whether or not the cat is the destructive type or not before adopting.

4. Adult cats can largely take care of themselves. Unlike kittens that need lots of supervision and management, adult cats can pretty much take care of themselves. They can groom themselves, eat just about any type of food without a sensitive stomach and can remove themselves from a situation they don’t like until they are ready to come back around. Adult cats also know how to handle themselves around dogs, other cats and children—they will either love it and integrate or dislike it and hide until the coast is clear.

5. Adult cats may have no other chance for a home. The bad news is that many wonderful adult cats end up in shelters for multiple reasons that usually have nothing to do with them. Their owners may move or pass away, they may have run away or gotten lost, or they may have been abandoned. Adopting an adult cat is an ideal way to give a deserving animal a home where they can provide attention and love to an elderly person.

Family caregivers should take the time to recognize what a positive impact an adult cat could have on an elderly loved one’s life. Before going out and buying a cute little kitten, seniors should realize that an adult cat may be a better companion after all.


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