Signs That Your Aging Parent Might Need a Hearing Aid

Elder Care in Cherry Hill NJ: Approximately 48 million people throughout the United States are living with hearing loss. Of these, many are elderly adults. In fact, 1 out of every 3 older adults over the age of 65 and 2 out of every 3 older adults over the age of 75 suffer from hearing loss.

Home Care Providers Can Help Your Aging Adult When it’s Difficult for You to Do So

Senior Care in Gloucester County NJ: Home care providers can give your elderly family member assistance on a range of different activities. Even if your aging adult only needs cursory assistance, that doesn’t mean that senior care providers won’t be a powerful tool for her.

Can Your Loved One Really Improve Her Balance?

Home Care in Medford NJ: Your elderly loved one may not believe that she can improve her balance anymore. But even at an age at which she thinks it isn’t possible, she truly can.

Is Your Parent Safe in Their Home During a Natural Disaster?

Caregivers in Mt. Laurel NJ: Emergencies and natural disasters such as storms can strike with little to no warning. If such an event occurred, would your parent be able to stay safe and healthy in their home throughout it?

What Can You Do to Help Your Elderly Loved One to Snack Smarter?

Elderly Care in Moorestown NJ: If your loved one chooses snacks that aren’t all that healthy for her, then it might be time to look at a new way of handling her snacking activity. These ideas can help.

Driving Rehabilitation Programs for your Aging Parent

Senior Care in Mt. Laurel NJ: Driver rehabilitation programs offer the opportunity for your parent to drive longer and safer. If you’ve become concerned about your parent’s safety when behind the wheel, consider this type of program that assesses their driving abilities.

Today is International Cat Day: How to Choose the Right Cat for a Senior

Homecare in Voorhees NJ: August 8th is International Cat Day, a day to celebrate the wonderful ways in which cats enrich our lives. Did you know that there are proven health benefits to owning a cat?

The First Signs of COPD

Caregivers in Riverton NJ: COPD is an umbrella term for two lung diseases. These diseases are emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and a person with COPD may have just one or both of them.

Is it Okay if Your Loved One Never Wants to Cook Again?

Elder Care in Marlton NJ: Some family caregivers are shocked to find that their elderly loved ones no longer feel like cooking for themselves. Not eating isn’t an option, so what can you do?

What Can You Do When Your Loved One Starts Wandering Regularly?

Homecare in Medford NJ: A side effect of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be that your loved one starts wandering away from home. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but more important than why is how you can prevent the problem.