Handling Bathroom Challenges in the Later Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Elder Care in Mt. Laurel NJ: You might find it surprising that your elderly family member’s bathroom habits become very different due to the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. These tips can help you to manage the situation for your aging family member.

Is Your Parent Eating Enough Fruits and Veggies? The CDC Doesn’t Think So!

Home Care in Columbus NJ: It’s probably no surprise to you (or anyone else!) that eating fruits and vegetables has a lot of health benefits. Thought that’s common knowledge, it seems that Americans don’t do a very good job of getting enough of them.

Refusing Home Care Services After a Surgery Can Impact Your Dad’s Health

Elderly Care in Voorhees NJ: Following a surgery or serious illness, seniors who agree to have caregivers present for the recovery heal faster. Many seniors, however, become uncomfortable at the idea of having a stranger in their home.

Promote Privacy for Aging Relatives

Senior Care in Moorestown NJ: More and more family members are bringing elderly relatives in to live with them, especially when the aging loved one can no longer care for themselves. Such changes to living situations can often mean some upheaval in family routines, sharing space and privacy.

What Environmental Issues Might be Causing Your Senior to Get Inadequate Nutrition?

Caregivers in Voorhees NJ: While health problems such as dental pain, Alzheimer’s disease, and even mobility issues can lead to problems with inadequate nutrition, there are other issues that could be at play as well.

Could You be Suffering Caregiver Burnout?

Elder Care in Medford NJ: Being able to detect when you may be suffering caregiver burnout is critical to addressing this challenge and taking the steps needed to overcome your burnout and protect your own health and well-being while you care for your parent.

What Are Personal Care Tasks?

Home Care in Gloucester NJ: As aging adults experience a decline in health, personal care tasks may be among the ones that give them the most difficulty. Home care providers can help with all of these tasks, but it helps to understand just what personal care tasks are.

5 Reasons Why a Senior Should Adopt an Adult Cat

Senior Care in Medford NJ: Cats are often considered to be the ideal pets for senior citizens. After all, studies show that petting and playing with a dog or cat can significantly lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Four Fun Crafts That Reduce a Senior’s Stress

Caregivers in Moorestown NJ: Stress affects your mom or dad for many reasons. They may have a chronic illness that causes excessive worry. They may worry about affording things on their retirement income.

Tips for Coping with Behavioral Changes in Your Senior After a TBI

Elderly Care in Riverton NJ: Use these tips to help you cope with behavioral changes in your senior after they suffer a traumatic brain injury.