Could You be Suffering Caregiver Burnout?

Elder Care in Medford NJ: Could You be Suffering Caregiver Burnout?

Elder Care in Medford NJ: Could You be Suffering Caregiver Burnout?

Caregiver burnout can be a very dangerous condition for you and for your aging parent. This condition is a state of mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion that can leave you disconnected from everything that you are going through and what you are supposed to do so that you are not able to fully fulfill your responsibilities. Being able to detect when you may be suffering caregiver burnout is critical to addressing this challenge and taking the steps needed to overcome your burnout and protect your own health and well-being while you care for your parent.

Some things to look out for when considering whether you might be suffering from caregiver burnout include:

• Withdrawal from family and friends
• Loss of interest in your favorite activities and things that were once meaningful to you
• Feeling sad
• Having a sense of being helpless or hopeless
• Rapid changes in weight or appetite
• Drastic changes in sleep patterns
• Frequently getting sick
• Feeling physically exhausted
• Feeling emotionally exhausted
• No longer feeling connected to your parent or to your caregiver responsibilities
• Feeling empty and like you no longer care about things that are going on around you
• Feeling resentful about your parent or your caregiver role
• Not caring about your care efforts
• Feeling as though you can no longer do any of the things that you need to in your regular life
• Feeling as though you have no emotions or that you cannot emotionally experience what is going on around you
• Having no motivation about anything

If you have been looking for ways to enhance your aging parent’s quality of life and ensure that they get all of the care, support, assistance, and encouragement that they need throughout their later years, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a customized schedule to ensure that they are with them as much as they need to be, while also keeping you at the forefront of their care routine. Through a set of highly personalized services your parent can maintain a high level of physical activity, engage with the world around them, keep their mind active, and support as much independence as possible as they age in place. As their family caregiver this can give you tremendous peace of mind knowing that even when you are not able to be with your parent, they are still in good hands.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elder care in Medford, NJ, please contact Always There In Home Health Care at 856-439-1300.

About Mariela Vila Mc Carrie

Mariela Vila Mc Carrie started Always There in Home Health Care 8 years ago inspired by her mother, who today stills sufferers with vesicular dementia.

As a family owned and run home care company she had to make several big decisions, whether to invest in a franchise or explore other options?

For Mariela after reviewing the restrictions and cost’s associated with a franchise the decision was easy the care she wanted to offer her clients should not be based on monthly franchise payment it should be based on the client’s needs.

At Always There we only hire the most qualified caregivers and in order to do that we offer an excellent starting salary. We would rather pay caregivers then a franchise company.

Mariela as the owner of Always There and unlike other owners of home care agencies, she visits every client first. We believe that if the owner cannot take the time to visit a family wanting to discuss home care for their loved then they don’t deserve the privilege of caring for that person.

As a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Certified Senior Advisor Mariela and her team of certified caregivers have provided care to families throughout south Jersey with over 60% of our clients requesting live-in care.

When deciding if homecare is right for you and your family be sure to consider the number of years a company/office has in the industry, whether or not the owners make themselves personally available 24 hours 7 days a week and most important do they only employ certified professionals to care for your loved one. After all They deserve it.
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