Four Fun Crafts That Reduce a Senior’s Stress

Caregivers in Moorestown NJ: Four Fun Crafts That Reduce a Senior’s Stress

Stress affects your mom or dad for many reasons. They may have a chronic illness that causes excessive worry. They may worry about affording things on their retirement income. Your parents may be stressed because it’s harder to get around. Being stuck and home after being told not to drive anymore is another stressor.

Stress may affect how much your mom or dad eat. It may keep them from getting the right amount of sleep. Your parents may develop anxiety attacks or become moody. Managing stress is important. If they feel stressed, here are four crafts that can ease stress.


Adult coloring books gained a following years ago. With a set of markers, crayons, or colored pencils, your mom or dad can color for hours in a coloring book designed to be a little more intricate and appealing to adults. You’ll find adult coloring books in many stores and craft suppliers.

Latch Hook

A latch hook kit includes the canvas, the precut yarn pieces, instructions, and a latch hook tool. To make a rug or hanging décor, it takes a lot of patience and repetitive motions. Your parent is doing the same move over and over, but it also takes focus to make sure the right color goes in the right spot. This keeps the mind busy on the craft and not other worries that cause stress.


Get a set of acrylic or oil paints, some canvases, and a brush set and let your mom or dad ease stress by painting. If they lack artistic talent, shows like The Joy of Painting offer simple instructions to help them create a masterpiece. If that doesn’t work, many craft stores sell paint-by-number kits for adults. These kits include everything your parent needs to create a painting with ease.

Photography and Scrapbooking

Photography is a great hobby for a stressed senior. If the weather’s good, they can head outside and get fresh air while they take pictures. After editing the pictures on a computer, your parent prints the photos out. If your mom or dad doesn’t want to edit and print, check out the Fujifilm Instax or Polaroid Snap camera that prints the picture instantly from the camera.

Once your mom or dad has a bunch of photos, they can turn them into a memory scrapbook. Have your parent create a scrapbook of the grandchildren playing in the summer, the butterflies that find the backyard flower garden, or a day at the beach.

When stress is an issue, you may want to look into caregivers. Stress that stems from mobility or health issues is often eased if someone is around to offer support and a helping hand when needed. Learn more about caregivers by calling a home care agency today.

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